Message from Father David- August 2-2020

Weekly E-mail – 2nd August 2020

I hope your summer is going well.  Attached to this e-mail are two pieces, so you will have lots to read as you sit by the lake sipping on your cool drink.

Firstly I attach the second half of the item that I started last week.  This week I try to look at a few of the protocols that we have in church – and in many other places – and see how they are just common sense, and beyond that, how they can be signs of our love for others.  Thank you for the feedback on last week’s item; it was not a happy subject but the church must be a safe environment in every sense of that phrase.  And thank you to all those who do put themselves out to ensure that it is.

Secondly, two months after our re-opening I thought it was worth revisiting the basic rules that Bp. Gregory has given us in relation to attending Mass.  In all Bp. Gregory has produced more than sixty bullet points, so I have summarised the important issues for those coming to church.

Please contact the church for the zoom link for Mass to be added to the weekly mail out.

Father David

August 2-2020-Our Response to Covid-19 – Part 2

August 2-2020-Re-Opening Guidelines Revisited

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