Message From Father David- May 5-2020

Dear All,

Mothers’ Day

Firstly, to all mothers, Happy Mothers’ Day.  I have been so blessed to have had two “Mums”; Mum-in-England who brought me up and my birth mother who lives here in Canada, and on this day I want to honour and thank both of them.

I know that I have often said this, but in North America we celebrate “Mothers’ Day” and in Britain we celebrate “Mothering Sunday”, and I have to say, I much prefer the latter.  Being a ‘mother’ is a fact, showing mothering love is a choice.  And I know that in my life there have been many people who have shown me a motherly love and support, and I want to honour them as well.

When we read in Genesis 1:27, “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them” (NIV), this says that to understand God in His fullness we must be aware of both God’s Fatherly and Motherly love for each one of us.  And how can we know either of these types of love unless we have experienced it through people choosing to love us in the unconditional way that mothers and fathers love their children.  So to anyone who has made visible God’s motherly love, I do hope you have a good day and I will offer a prayer of thanksgiving for your generosity of spirit.


Very sadly in the last couple of days two priests from my home diocese have lost their mothers to the coronavirus.  So please do pray for the repose of the soul of Pam Bielawski and Maureen Findlay-Wilson.  Fr. Jon Bielawski and Fr. Chris Findlay-Wilson were both at seminary at roughly the same time as myself so were very much part of my life when I was training for the priesthood and in my early years as a priest, and their mothers must have been roughly the same age as my mother (-in-Canada).  I mention this only to say that we hear of so many people dying of coronavirus in different places and it can all seem a bit distant, and then it effects people you know and suddenly it feels different.  So to all who are mourning the lost of a loved one, particularly a mother, we send out our prayers.

Pope Asks for Prayers

Attached is a letter from Rome relaying the Pope’s request for special prayer next Thursday, 14th May.  It says, “the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue invites believers of all religions and people of goodwill to spiritually unite themselves in a Day of prayer, fasting and works of charity, to implore the divine to help humanity in overcoming the pandemic caused by coronavirus.”  As the letter says, there will be no services or gatherings for this day, but each of us is asked to hold this as an intention in our prayers and in the way we live our lives on Thursday.

75th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe – V.E. Day

As I write this on Friday, 8th May, much of Europe is remembering the end of the war in Europe seventy-five years ago.  I was up at 6am on the phone to my Dad helping him to follow the events in Britain on the internet.  And again, while to some of us the events being remembered might seem very distant, there are still many who can remember those days.  The Queen is to give a broadcast tonight, but on Twitter today she has released a very moving talk she gave many years ago in which she described her experiences of V.E. Day.  The link is

Lord West – representing the House of Lords in Britain – today said that if during the Second World War Britain had “collapsed I have no doubt the Germans then probably would have beaten Russia, and I hate to think what the world would be like now.”  So it is worth remembering that living in a world where people can follow whatever religion they choose is not a given but has been won by many generations before us.  And we remember their sacrifice.

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Document from Rome:   Message From Pope Francis-05.08.2020-399-20 PCID Letter

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