A Prayer for Young People this Christmas

From Fr. David:

Prayer for Young People this Christmas

There is a powerful story told among the Indigenous people of an Elder explaining to a youth that in each person there are two wolves that are constantly at war, a Good Wolf fighting to make us strong and noble and wise, and a Bad Wolf fighting to make us weak and evil and foolish.  The youth asked the Elder which Wolf wins this war taking place within us and the Elder replied: “the Wolf that we feed.”

To grow strong and noble and wise, young people need to be nourished by the dreams, wisdom and love of their Elders.  Pope Francis’ prayer for a Synod this year in Rome captures well the dream and hope of the Prophets of today for our Young People, the Prophets of tomorrow:

Lord Jesus,
your Church turns her attention to all the young people of the world.
We pray that they might boldly take charge of their lives,
aim for the most beautiful and profound things of life
and always keep their hearts unencumbered.

Accompanied by wise and generous guides,
help them to respond to the call you make to each of them,
to realize a proper plan of life and achieve happiness.
Keep their hearts open to dreaming great dreams
and make them concerned for the good of others.

Like the Beloved Disciple, may they stand at the foot of the Cross,
to receive your Mother as a gift from you.
May they be witnesses to your Resurrection
and be aware that you are at their side
as they joyously proclaim you as Lord.  Amen.

As you gather with your family this Christmas you might like to invite one of the family – perhaps an older child – to read this prayer before Christmas lunch or at some other time.

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