Pro Life Billboard near Kelowna

News Release: 
New Pro Life Billboard Makes Debut Along Highway 97
Message asks why a baby’s location matters?
February 16, 2018: A large billboard with a message that some might find controversial has been installed along Hwy 97 in West Kelowna. The billboard, sponsored by the Kelowna Right to Life Society, features an obviously pregnant woman and her baby, before and after she has given birth to him. The caption reads, “Our right to life does not depend on our location.”

KRTL Executive Director Marlon Bartram says, “Society recognizes that newborn babies are valuable human beings with the right to life. Our new billboard encourages people to recognize the baby’s value and worth even when he is still in his mother’s womb. Location does not determine value; the fact that he is a member of the human family does, and he is a human being from the moment of conception, not birth.”

The new billboard is in a highly visible location and is lit up at night, guaranteeing that hundreds of thousands of commuters will see the message over the coming months. It is now one of two right to life billboards along the busy stretch of highway.

“We are fortunate to have a strong, grassroots pro-life movement in the Okanagan that is engaged and active. There is a sense of optimism in the community and they are responding by supporting our many initiatives for 2018, including this thought-provoking billboard.” Bartram adds, “Our goal for 2018 is to be more active and more engaged than ever before. We have other projects on the horizon that are sure to catch the public’s attention and get our message out in innovative and effective ways.”
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